Development Modeling


We have the experience and the skillset, (or know where to steer you) to provide consultations to help our clients determine attainable goals, establish appropriate organizations, identify alternative funding sources, or map out a proforma to help in finding a comfortable zone from which to proceed (or sometimes even concede)
Problems are opportunities for innovative solutions.  Specificity of professional practice sometimes excludes comprehensive problem solving.  Good solutions are derived through communication and collaboration.  We facilitate solving problems.  We build plans, aid in developing systems, and steer the process from inception to completion. 
We are generalists, with established relationships with professionals.  We understand our limitations, legally and practically, and through collaboration expand all participants in the concept, design, development and construction of small to grand ideas.  

Front End

We help you answer the question: "What should we do?" with your investment property, with your good idea, even with your drafty old house. 

Grant Writing

If your solution addresses a community need, there maybe private or public grant-source-funding to aid in planning, building, or operating.  We can help identify, and write the application for the grants. 

Zoning Analysis

Can you do it there? If not then where?

Third Party Review

Do you, or your business need assistance in understanding the information provided by a contractor? In need of Value Engineering? We provide a way to aid in that understanding, and can provide that alternative perspective that can facilitate a solution, or a just a renewed comfort level.

Historic Building Analysis

Do you have an old building that needs some attention? We help navigate the transition to modernization, or historic renovation.